How do you label your boat racks?

A reader asks us

“We’ve got a brand new boat house full of pristine racks. I’d be interested in how other boat clubs label their boat racks. We’ve got a lovely new boathouse and new racking, and are loathe to simply slap on sticky labels (which is what we did in the past).”

Great question – what’s your club doing?

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From our Facebook page, reader, Jennifer says

My high school team had metal sliding racks and used magnets with each boat’s name. No damage and easy to change where things go. We also used them when we traveled on the trailer so athletes never had to find a coach to ask where to load each boat on the trailer.

4 thoughts on “How do you label your boat racks?

    • Debbie Blackmore says:

      In a perfect world, Albert, I would agree. But many of our boats are used two or three times each session, and left outside on trestles between outings. So the last crew may not necessarily know where the boat was racked when it came out of the boathouse first thing in the morning. Having labels on the racks just makes the whole process goof-proof.

  1. Debbie Blackmore says:

    Well, I ordered some sample magnetic labels and optimistically headed for the boathouse to give them a try. Sigh. They don’t stick well enough to our scaffolding to be any use at all. Must say that the dry-wipe labels are a good idea though – just may end up fastening them with cable ties.

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