From Rowers to Rowers….

A guest blog post by Strokeside Designs

Strokeside Designs creates, manufactures, and markets unique personal rowing items made from genuine materials. We are a group of passionate individuals committed to bringing the best jewelry and accessories to rowers, families, and all who caught the positive bug to love the sport!

The Strokeside Team represents a mix of passion and experience. The start-up idea was born early in 2012 when Marcin, Kate and Victor, three young rowers, met to brainstorm and create a line of casual rowing jewelry items. The collection was not finished until late 2013 when the Strokeside Team met Richard ‘Grandpa’, an owner and a manager of ARD Jewelry Studio. ARD is a local family-owned fine jewelry company with over 25 years of experience in the jewelry market. In the past, Richard created designs for major New York jewelry makers, including Tiffany & Co and Bloomingdale’s. The addition of Richard’s experience resulted in the first Strokeside Christmas collection featuring bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants.

The collection is available at


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  1. Oar Blade Pendant—$34.99 in 925 Silver or $119.99 in 14k gold
  2. Cleaver Oar Stud Earrings – $39.99 in 925 Silver or $149.99 in 14k gold
  3. Men’s Oar Cufflinks—$44.99 in 925 Silver or $499.00 in 14k gold
  4. Rowing Bent Oar Bracelet— $129.99 in 925 Silver or $699.99 in 14k gold
Men's Oar Cufflinks
Men’s Oar Cufflinks
Oar Blade Pendant
Oar Blade Pendant
Rowing bent oar bracelet
Rowing bent oar bracelet
Stud earrings cleaver oar
Stud earrings cleaver oar


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