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Jono Clegg GB Rower reviews Coxmate GPS

Great Britain Rower, Jono Clegg got in touch asking if he could review the new Coxmate GPS speed … read more

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Great Britain Rower, Jono Clegg got in touch asking if he could review the new Coxmate GPS speed and distance measurement device.  Here’s what he says.

GB lightweight Rower, Jono Clegg GB lightweight Rower, Jono Clegg

I am trying the Coxmate GPS and I usually use NK GPS Version 1.

I did 15 outings with the Coxmate GPS.

My first impressions were that the layout was a little confusing to start “app” for rowing. It looked like a smart casing and although the screen was a littel slow to respons it’s great to have a touch screen.

To just run a session it was quite straightforward.  However I had wanted to run a specific ‘2000m’ session with a count down and couldn’t work out how to do this until I looked at the manual!

I didn’t do any specific tests to compare with NK but I found the Coxmate GPS to jump around less with the speed read out.  The averaging and recall feature was easire to read compared to NK GPS.

My fellow athletes at Leander Club liked the idea of it and the quality of the product.  They thought the user interface could be cleaned up a bit, if the only function would be for rowing.  If not, then the ability to use as a multi app device for cross training could be a unique feature compared to NK’s offering.

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