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It’s officially Pot Hunting season!

In the UK after the serious part of the rowing year ends, the fun regattas begin. And most … read more

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In the UK after the serious part of the rowing year ends, the fun regattas begin. And most clubs sanction the formation of “mates crews” where you put together your own selections from your friends and travel to regattas to have fun and try to win some trophies.

Read the full definition of pot hunting – ouch!

The activity in the sport of rowing where-by a crew, athlete or club selects the events in which they compete on the basis of how likely they are to win.

To cheer you along, we found this archive clip of Buster Keaton coxing an eights race – filmed in 1920s it shows some fine technique and a great rhythm in the two crews, some dodgy bladework from a couple of the athletes and makes clear what coxswains did before cox boxes were invented!.

Buster Keaton, the Rowing Race

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