Introducing our third Sponsored RP3 Athlete – Juliette Haigh

Rowperfect has a great announcement to make, we have a new International Sponsored athlete – Juliette Haigh.  She rows in the womens pair for New Zealand and is a multiple World Championship Gold Medal winner and strong prospect for the London 2012 Olympic medals. 

Juliette Haigh & Rebecca Scown ©IGOR MEIJER

It’s very hard not to be on the countdown when you get this close to the Olympics but I think the main thing is to realise is that every session and every stroke from here on in, really does count. We’ve had a great summer of training and are really happy with where we’re at both physically and technically. It’s a very different build up to last year when I was suffering a back injury that meant I couldn’t row for over two months and Rebecca was spending some lonely weeks in the single.

As summer slowly turns to autumn and winter looms we’ve had the odd week of bad weather, including some massive storms which have meant we haven’t been able to make it on to the water. It’s during these times that I’ve been able to spend some quality time on the RP3. I love that I don’t get a sore back from using it, and that even after a couple of days out of the boat, I have still been practising the rowing movement, which is so similar on the RP3. Thankfully the bad weather has passed and we’re back to some great water and consistent training.

Now that we’re just three weeks away from the kick off of the world cups regattas the concept of racing is starting to get a little more real! We will race our own winter series regatta here in New Zealand at the same time as the first world cup is held in Belgrade. Then the countdown will really we be on as shortly after we will be off to Europe to begin our Olympic campaign!

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