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Advice emails – Using Rowperfect for Coaching Rowing

Rowperfect’s RP3 machine and the other dynamic ergos on the market are getting a lot of  publicity and … read more

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Rowperfect’s RP3 machine and the other dynamic ergos on the market are getting a lot of  publicity and so we have written a coaching guide about how to use them for coaching rowing and sculling.

Rowing coaches using dynamic ergos

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Mahe Drysdale

your coaching.

FREE Rowperfect User case studies

Murray McLeod Jones is a coach who wanted to prove for himself whether training on a Rowperfect could improve on-water boat moving.  He wrote the Rowperfect Challenge in which he tested one sculler by videoing him after 2 weeks on the Concept 2 and then later after 2 weeks on the Rowperfect.  Read it for yourself, The Rowperfect Challenge.

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You may want to take your rowing to a higher level and these machines have been proven to improve boat moving skills and help you “kick up a gear” – Will Hoodless of Upper Thames is a good example.  He wrote The Rowperfect White Paper about how he used Rowperfect in his preparation to race the Diamond Challenge Sculls at Henley Royal Regatta.

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