International rowers on Twitter

We've been following some of the developments as Twitter gains traction in the rowing world. 

Learning more about the top end of the sport by reading what international athletes are writing can give great insight into their training regimes.  It can also tell you about their 'normal' life activities which is interesting because it's the stuff that never gets written up in print magazines. 

Alan Campbell (@tidewaysculler) GBR 1x

Alan Campbell tweets 2

Nathan Twaddle (@nathantwaddle) NZ2-

 Nathan Twaddle tweets

Mary Whipple   USA W8+cox (@9thseat) announces she's going to trials again.  Bet that isn't in the print press yet!

Mary Whipple tweets

And Peter Cipollone USA8+ cox (@petercipollone) confirms that he isn't trialling again.

Peter Cipollone tweets

 Adam Kreek CA8+ (@adamkreek) is touring the country with the 2010 Olympic Torch

 Adam Kreek tweets

Andy Triggs Hodge (@Triggshod) GBR 4- hasn't written anything yet….. we can hope.  Or maybe it's someone impersonating him called "Peter Hodge".  Brother?

Our favourite tweet so far from the international cropcomes from Alan Campbell and it's a corker!

Alan Campbell flips

Tomorrow Rowing Manufacturers and Suppliers on Twitter

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