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Rowing manufacturers and suppliers on Twitter

Our final group of the Twitterati are the companies that supply our sport.

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Our final group of the Twitterati are the companies that supply our sport.Theres a good strong group here represented .

Concept2 USA (@concept2) was one of the first online and they have two profiles @Concept2_rowing for the water-training group – their UK arm is Oarpsport (@oarsport).

Neilsen-Kellerman are represented by @coxboxdude because @nk is a wealth consultant – showing the advantage of claiming your name early! Coxmate got there in time with the handle @coxmateand Dreher are @dreheroarscull and have only just got started.

The Down and Direty Coxswains Guide author, George Kirshbaum is @jorgegortex not sure where he chose the name from but maybe a private joke with his crews.

Clothing is led by Rock the Boat

RocktheBoat Clothing whose owner, Di Binley has been online a while and recently added all her friends and contacts to Twitter – youre a great recruiter, Di!

I had a quick search for boat manufacturers and although there are people with similar names none appear to be rowing related.

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