Guest Post: How to Improve Your Rowing By Improving the Way You THINK!


A guest post by Jacqueline Pigdon – read her 7 tips to prepare for single sculling starts.

Our rowing results depend on a variety of factors such as our strength, fitness, skills, ability, our training programme and coach just to name a few! However we can dramatically improve our rowing results by improving the way we think.

We all know that a positive attitude goes a long way but just how far and how well can we develop our thoughts to improve our rowing results? After rowing for 8 years I was lucky to find myself being taught how to improve my thinking by understanding myself at a greater spiritual level.

When I applied this new way of thinking to my rowing I had absolutely remarkable results compared to those I had before and it dramatically changed how I went about my rowing.

After improving the way I thought, I never had a ‘bad’ row again.

I no longer had any frustrations and the quality of my rowing sessions improved by consistently doing my best each and every time I rowed. I achieved even better results and getting them felt like a breeze!

Here are four key aspects of what I discovered on how to improve your rowing by improving the way you think!

Our THOUGHTS directly link to the DECISIONS we make, our DECISIONS determine which ACTIONS we take and our ACTIONS are what provide our RESULTS. THOUGHTS – DECISIONS – ACTIONS – RESULTS!

So depending on what’s going on in your mind; what you are thinking can have a distinct affect on how well you row and if or not you even reach your rowing goals! So that’s why we can immediately improve our rowing by improving our thinking!


STEP 1: Self awareness – take note of what you are actually thinking and when you’re thinking it by bringing it to your conscious attention


STEP 2: Are your thoughts helping you? When do your thoughts link to a fantastic result and when do they link to letting you down and falling short of reaching your full potential?

STEP 3: Identify the triggers (events and situations) that lead you into positive and helpful thoughts and therefore great results and what events or situations trigger you into negative thinking and thus poor results?

STEP 4: Eliminate the negative triggers in your life and replace them with situations that trigger and provide you with a positive mindset and thus better performance.

You will have then improved your thinking and this process becomes your recipe for success which you simply follow over and over again for your best result possible!

So if you are a rower who would like to reach your ultimate rowing potential, I highly recommend working on your mindset, follow the four step process above and include it a key element in your rowing programme.

Jacqueline Pigdon Rowing Coach Jina Life

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