So who won the Coxmate Competition?


We were delighted by the enthusiasm and innovation with which you approached this challenge.  Some of the entries were side-splitting, others so weird that they had to be true!

After a deluge of voting from supportive club members the winner is Olivia Cook from Thames Rowing Club with this corker…. Hope she didn’t say it herself!

Well done guys! You look knackered but we are ALLLLLMOST halfway.

She wins a Coxmate SCT with GPS for her club.

Second place winner of the Rock the Boat Coxing Hoodie is James Newman from Imperial College Medics Boat Club with a suitably medical quoatation

While coxing a boat of medics: "Guys, you're rowing like an epileptic spider that's forgotten to take its medication.  In 2, in 1, Clonazepam"

And the third place prize of the “Down and Dirty Guide to Coxing” by George Kirshbaum goes to Tom Bott of Lea Rowing Club

Slip it in without me feeling it.

We feel that some ‘honorable’ mentions are also needed – Bryn Garrod of First and Third Trinity Boat Club , Cambridge sent in this

At the 4s head, a cox not used to the Tideway is asked "Are we using the stream" by the more experienced stroke. Her response: "OK, let's have a stream ten. Stream for one, stream for two…"

Another Tideway special from Richard Burdett of Thames

Approaching Hammersmith in the HORR, stroke talks to cox 'come on, say something – we're dying'.  Cox speaks down the mic 'COME ON, WE'RE DYING!'  

And my personal favourite from Suzy Robinson of Emmanuel Boat Club

Whilst rowing against Jesus College Boat Club, “I don't believe in Jesus!”

Our thanks to everyone who took part, spent time reading the entries and voting and recruiting their friends to participate.

Let us know if you enjoyed this competition and whether we could do it better in the future. 


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