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Coastal Rowing: 5 Reasons to Row in Egypt

The announcement of our Red Sea Coastal Rowing Challenge in Egypt has really created a broad interest. We … read more

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The announcement of our Red Sea Coastal Rowing Challenge in Egypt has really created a broad interest. We have received many questions from the “Fixed seat” community.  This is what our 50 year old customer wanted to know:

Hi Rowperfect I row and compete in a few of the SCRA regattas each year. we’ve been enjoying your newsletters ..and wonder if there are more specific articles that can be skewed towards this style of rowing? Also…with my only rowing experience being in fixed-seat wooden boats, do you think I would be suited to something like the red sea coastal rowing challenge you are planning? 

Coastal rowing in Trainers Credit: Rowing in Europe

Well, Betty (name changed) I have had some experience with fixed seat rowers in Spain. We were rowing the traditional northern Spanish Traineras and it worked fine for us scullers in sliding seat boats. Off course, we changed from sliding seat to fixed seat. “Fixed seat” rowers in Spain having experience with the opposite move told me, it took them some 20 minutes to get adjusted to the sliding seats. According to them, sculling and doing catches and finishes were a bit different. But they were able to adjust quickly.

So will you be able to make it?  My answer is yes. This will be a rowing tour. The intention of the Red Sea Coastal Rowing Challenge is fun. Tour rowers do not compete and we will not race. We will have a smooth row along the Egyptian coast. In case some of the coastal crews want to do a few power strokes… fine with us.

5 Reasons to Row in Egypt

Mahmoud, one of our local coaches in Egypt is sure you will enjoy this challenge. Having fixed seat and sliding seat rowers in one boat, it gives a special feeling to be on the pioneering team. Discussing this topic with one of the most well known rowing tour agency “Rowing in Europe“, they are sure you can adjust to sliding seats in less than half day. And you will not the only one. Coxing is even more simple. We will definitely give you a private introduction if you like.

When we planned the Red Sea Coastal Rowing Challenge, Mahmoud told us that the Red Sea region in Egypt has perfect weather and water temperature for whenever the needs comes for a swim. Leave the boat and enjoy swimming. Not to mention the beauty of the Red Sea marine life. In addition:

  • Historically these water have been sailed and traversed by Pharaohs, Greek, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans & now us!!
  • The amount of national parks and protectorates are on increase every year and as the region is under-developed, its an area of strong potential for a variety of environmental and sports oriented projects to rise in the near future.
  • The area has been known to be the safest and most stable region even during all the Arab Spring Turmoils, the Red Sea was not affected what so ever. Guest do not have to worry about unexpected circumstances.

What is your opinion? How easy is the move from a fixed seat boat into a sliding seat shell? Let us know.

About Tom Wall
Tom Wall ist passionierter Masters Ruderer und hat seit einiger Zeit seine Liebe für Wanderfahrten entdeckt Tom is a passionate masters rowers and the owner of the Rowperfect Faster Masters Brand View all posts from Tom Wall

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