How to be a supportive sporting parent


When your child starts coaching you need to learn how to support them.  This may require skills you don’t yet have.

There are tales of touchline punchups between parents and hostilities when the coach didn’t choose your child for the first eight.

Behaving appropriately comes both from the coach (as Jason Dorland explains) and from YOU, the parent.

Sporting Parents Communications by John Parker was written for you.

The Sporting Parent communication series gives you 18 separate, short advice notes that will improve your skills dealing with a child who is training as an athlete. Sporting Parent

There is no doubt that the performance of those nearest to an athlete during their formative years has a major impact on how an athlete develops and the skills s/he acquired and uses as an adult.

The first message outlines how this process of Sporting Parent Advice works in assisting you to do the best you can for your family. The first few communications lay the foundations of philosophy, attitudes, processes, skills and qualities of an appropriately supportive parent. The other communications will continually relate back to the content of the first few.

The skills that you develop as a Parent (if you follow the Advice) will see you through all the situations that will tempt you to become distracted from being a good parent.  If you are distracted it is possible for you to become overpowering or too withdrawn and therefore increase the risk of you not providing the appropriate amount of support and perhaps ending your child’s participation in the sport.

This programme will help you cope with all of the one-off situations that you might encounter and the solutions (refocusing to core issues) will be the ones that you learn will enable you to sort out many other issues that might appear unrelated in isolation but your learnt solution will be applicable.

John Parker is a former international athlete in UK and New Zealand. He advises sporting organisations and has worked with Chief Executives and Management Boards of Netball, Cricket, Regional sports councils, Health Boards and Universities offering sporting degrees.  He is the Father of two sporting girls.

Do you run the Parents Group for your rowing club?

Buy the ebook and share it with everyone – it’s a pdf so easily sharable.

John Parker has also written advice Communications for Athletes and Coaches All these books will build your inter-personal skills and help you achieve your goals.


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