How are athletes using Coxmate GPS?

Coxmate GPS what's in the box

I was interested to hear if you had any reviews of the Coxmate GPS? It looks a good product, do you know how anyone is getting on with it?

Coxmate GPS Reviews

There are several reviews – from our own website Coxmate GPS Review by Tom Carter

Coxmate GPS what's in the box
Coxmate GPS what’s in the box

From the manufacturer’s website Coxmate GPS a hit with athletes.

From the Rowing discussion group on Reddit

 (Tom Carter’s review is the same as the one above but has comments below from other readers).

A detailed discussion on Rec.Sport.Rowing forum on a range of rowing boat speed / distance measurement tools and apps.

Jono Clegg GBR lightweight sculler reviews the Coxmate GPS with his Leander team mates.

Plus a video about how the Coxmate GPS unit works

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