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Henley Royal Regatta roundup Thursday

Another fine day at Henley and the sun stayed out, the wind blew and the lightweight crews drawn … read more

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Another fine day at Henley and the sun stayed out, the wind blew and the lightweight crews drawn against the heavyweights discovered the advantages of mass the hard way.

Adding to the lighthearted tone of our reports we have some snippets and some photos to share today.

  • Rachel Quarrell – the host of the New Rowing Information website, arrived at the Regatta by helicopter – piloted by a male friend.  She weas heard to complain that because the cloud was low they couldn’t fly the length of the course and had to land by the start and walk!  What a let-down.
  • Richard Burdett Robert Hoffman of Thames RC had a “minor mishap” with their steering while racing – but it all ended in the expected outcome.
  • The British Association of Rowing Journalists (BARJ) gave their comedy award of the year to Denis Oswald, President of FISA for his array of ‘multi-coloured hair dos’.
  • Star Club racing Sport Imperial in the Wyfolds ended up not only as a processional race, they were both in the same lane – the middle lane!  As did Lassi Karonen’s opponent in the Diamonds from Melbourne University.
  • Kent School USA’s bowman managed to let go of his blade and fall off his seat shortly after the start in their race against Shiplake College – but he recovered and they went on to win comfortably.
  • Matthew Pinsent actually had to get his white flag out when two coxed fours converged in the Goldie against University College Dublin – a curious moment.  He successfully separated them and they dutifully moved apart (who wouldn’t?)
  • Nihon University Japan win the ‘electric coloured clothing’ award for their bright pink row suits.  They were unfairly compared to Churchill College Cambridge and the M.A.D. (Marlow and District) private club run by Martin Kay
  • A young London RC rower showed me his Leander hippo tattoo – sad he swapped clubs and forgot to change it!

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