Henley Royal Regatta roundup Wednesday

There are many places online you can go for a fine summary of great racing and the “HRR Experience”.  Rowperfect is not going to compete with these fine organs of news.

We will report on the lighthearted side of proceedings from fashion to foibles, kit to calamities.  Follow us on Twitter @rowperfect and send us your tidbits too.

Leading the surge today are the Stewards who have typographical errors in the printed programme and have had to add in an erratum.  This would seem to be a world first.  Rumour has it that ‘bla ‘bla was responsible – a bawling out followed.

  • Ortner BC crashed into the barrier at 2.45
  • Putney Town hit the island
  • Nihon University Japan tried to get onto the stake boats for the race ahead of their own
  • Hertford College Oxford complained about the location of their rack (the bottom of the pile) and were told “the good news is you have a rack; the bad news is others haven’t”.  A clear case of “Do you ***know who I am?” come-uppance!

there have been some ‘variations’ in foreign name pronounciation: Algemene Groningen Studenten Roeivereeniging Gyas, Holland were variously referred to as Gai-as; Gay-us; Gaees and Gay-yus until the finish line when the commentator valiantly used the full club name.

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