Happy New Rowing Year

New year 2018, Rowing year 2018

Hey every Northern Hemisphere reader – it’s the start of the 2018-19 rowing season.  Summer break is over.  School and work are kickstarting for the autumn.New year 2018, Rowing year 2018

Get back into rowing shapeFat guy, rowing machine, fat rower,

Hopefully your summer break was fun, relaxing and didn’t include lots of training.  But we all know that autumn training means long distances and the first thing your body protests about is blisters and sore muscles.  Getting back on the erg….. urgh – don’t mention the pain.

Rowperfect has you covered – ease your body back into shape with our support.  Whether you are blistered, sore, stiff, injured or in need of a technique reboot, there’s a tiny dopamine hit waiting for you when you get free shipping on our top products.

Use the coupon BACKINSHAPE2018 to get free shipping until 21st September.

We’ve also given the Rowperfect Shop a makeover with streamlined categories from boathouse, to injuries, clothing to ergos – tell us if you spot anything wrong and we’ll give you a surprise prize….. add your comment below.

Blister Prevention Bundle

Yoga for Rowers ebook

Kinesiology Tape

Stretching for Rowing Poster




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