Greg Searle on rowing and business

Rowing and business go together frequently as top students often row and go on to successful careers in the City.  Greg Searle has been at the top of rowing since he was 19 and won an Olympic gold medal – now he’s focusing on the overlap between the sport and commerce.

Like Ben Hunt-Davis (interview, book) he has taken life lessons from his sporting career.

  1. Find a vision; set short term goals to achieve overall success
  2. Feedback is your best friend
  3. Unshakeable self-belief: Self-confidence versus self-esteem
  4. Controlling the controllable
  5. Recognizing pressure as a positive

Read the full article for details – but before you do, consider your own rowing and your own career.  Think of one example for each of the five.

Then read his article and see if you can broaden the scope of your example or improve the outcomes should the situation arise again.

Happy life planning!


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