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This week we are featuring all the Coxmate products on the Rowperfect shop.  If you are thinking of buying new Coxmates, why not borrow one from us to “Try-Before-You-Buy” – get in touch, it’s FREE.  You will find our prices very favourable and we ship worldwide (unless there’s a local Coxmate agent in your country).

Coxmate continues to gain customers & awareness; it’s used by the GB W8+ and many UK rowing clubs, schools and universities.

Founded by Peter Hodson who got fed up of fixing his daughter’s cox box breakages, he decided to design a better, cheaper, more reliable product and thus the early Coxmates were born.  Much improved, the range now has three models for coxed boats (Audio only, Audio / Rate/ Time, and Speed Measurement) and one model for coxless boats.

Peter realised that everything needed to be fully compatible with NK and so all the plugs and mounting brackets are identical and interchangeable.

UK Rowing and Regatta Magazine reviews Coxmate

In a review covering NK Cox Box, Coxmate SX, SpeedCoach Mobile and RCA Output + Walkie Talkies in June/ July 2012 edition, the Coxmate was described as the ‘latest breed’ and was better for Battery, Microphone, Display and Functionality.

Comparing the NK Cox Box with the Coxmate, one tester said: The NK Cox Boxes are more suited to novice coxes or squads doing general training for local regattas,  However I’d rate the Coxmate as being more suitable for crews training at the higher level, who need more bespoke training regimes.

UK rowing boatbuilders fit Coxmate

Three UK boatbuilders now fit Coxmate components into the new and refurbished boats you buy:

You can buy Coxmate direct from our online store or through the boat manufacturers above, please ask when you discuss your boat specifications.

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