How to get good rowing instruction for Learn to Row Programs?

Good rowing instruction for LTR programmes. Mainly in fours and eights. Also for short programmes such as corporate crews?

Your quickest response is to buy the ebook called How to Run a Learn to Row course from our shop.

How to teach a Learn to Row Course
How to teach a Learn to Row Course

As far as instruction goes, there are chapters in there detailing what to teach each day for a 7 day course (and you can adapt that to a weekly or monthly chart).  The detail covers both rowing and sculling.

If you want a corporate crews training programme, I highly recommend you hire one of our panel of expert coaches.  Duncan Holland is based in New Zealand (where you are) and you can buy rowing coach advice for a very modest fee from our panel of coaches. 

Rowing Coaches can answer your questions by phone or email or possibly visit you.  But I first suggest you buy a first consultation giving details of your unique situation.

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