GB Rowers get funky in ACAI Activewear


ACAI Activewear have teamed up with two international rowers, Karen Bennett and Holly Norton for all their training apparel needs along with sports bras. Karen and Holly have described in their own words why they have chosen to team up with ACAI and felt that they were a good match.

Holly Norton wearing ACAI Holly Norton wearing ACAI

“We have both always loved living a very active lifestyle. Whether that’s training for a World Championship or adventuring during our holidays. We love pushing the limits and enjoying the outdoors.”

Karen Bennett and Holly Norton wearing ACAI activewear Karen Bennett and Holly Norton wearing ACAI activewear

“There are so many reasons to love ACAI, but our top two are definitely their ethos and the way the clothes make us feel. Firstly, ACAI’s ‘Aspire. Aim. Achieve. philosophy fits so perfectly with our approach to life and our goals. Secondly, being an athlete means you spend a lot of time in activewear. Not only does the ACAI range make us feel strong and feminine, but also the clothes enable us to feel confident and comfortable when we are pushing our boundaries.’

Karen is an Olympic Silver Medallist from Rio and Holly is a World Champion. As a duo, they have won a World Cup Gold, a World Championship Silver, and a European Championship bronze. They are aiming to add another medal to their collection at the 2017 World Championships later this year. They are also currently training for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Karen Bennett wearing ACAI skinny outdoor trousers Karen Bennett wearing ACAI skinny outdoor trousers

You can see the full range that Karen and Holly will be training in at ACAI Activewear is a unique blend of luxury street fashion and performance sportswear, designed specifically for women. Developed over many years by designer Kasia Bromley, the brand is a culmination of dedicated research on what women need from contemporary and fashionable active apparel wear.

Karen Bennett wearing ACAI Karen Bennett wearing ACAI


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