Fundraising Ideas: Host an Olympic Breakfast

Most rowers and coaches enjoy watching good racing.  But often, you can’t get to the regatta in person – so here’s an opportunity to raise some money for your club and have fun watching excellent racing in the process:

We got the idea from Marlow Rowing Club who describe hosting an Olympic Breakfast – described here at 26 minutes through the radio show.

Things to think about before you start

  1. How much money do you want to raise and for what purpose?
  2. Plan your venue – you could just ask a local cafe, pub or restaurant to host it for you and share the profits.  Many venues are happy to open up if they know they’ll get customers.
  3. Organise how you will tell your members and their friends about the event
  4. Follow-up after each one telling them again how it went and what you raised

Enjoy the Olympic Rowing

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