Help us make a list of family rowing dynasties

Inspired by this rugby collection  We thought we’d try to compile a list of families who have a track record of Olympic rowing and sculling. 

  • Gevvie Stone (USA Olympics 2012) and her mother Lisa Hansen (1976 Olympics), father Gregg Stone (1976, 1980 Olympics)
  • Jack Beresford (1920, 1924, 1928, 1932, 1936 Olympics) and his father, Julius (GB 1912 Olympics)
  • Dickie Burnell (1948 Olympics) and his father Charles Burnell (1908 Olympics) – the only father and son to have both won Olympic Golds.

Send us your suggestions in the comments and we’ll build up the list.

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One thought on “Help us make a list of family rowing dynasties

  1. Lizzi Chapman says:

    Rowing dynasties? Would surely have to include Richard Phelps and his grandfather, Dick Phelps?

    Am sure it’s a topic to discuss and do some research around at upcoming Henley Royal Regatta……….!

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