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World rowing, world champs USA, Rowing, Sarasota 2017,

We’ve found the clever Sarasota organisers of the WRC2017 have created an app using Yapp to keep you up to date

So I downloaded it and what a disappointment.

World rowing, world champs USA, Rowing, Sarasota 2017,
World Rowing Championships app

I hoped that the social feed would aggregate any mention of the hashtag – but instead it’s just full of promotions from local catering companies.

It fails to integrate the World Rowing results service – instead just linking by URL.  So what’s the point?

And half the other offers are just lame – the “Crowd Pics” has precisely 8 images in it.  Twitter is the only active feed @wrch2017 and definitely worth following.  I was hoping to get an aggregated hashtag feed from all social channels including images, not just text and links (which take you out of the app).

There’s so much more which could be enabled and then passed onto the next host of the WRC or to World Rowing – I think an app for Rowing news aggregation would be awesome and there would be a tonne of people willing to download it, if only it contained updates that were useful and interesting, not just promotions.

4 thoughts on “Follow World Rowing Champs via app

  1. Michael Hawkins says:

    FISA has a website which shows some of the racing at the World Championships. More extensive coverage of this year’s World Championships is available on the American Olympic website.

    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Ger, the live stream is blocked in New Zealand by a broadcast agreement with Sky TV who wont’ allow us to watch the website feed! Apparently it’s the only country in the world where the World Rowing live feed is blocked. #Tough

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