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Comparing C2 and RP scores

One of the major reasons rowing programmes cite for not wanting to switch to RP3 from using C2 … read more

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One of the major reasons rowing programmes cite for not wanting to switch to RP3 from using C2 for training, is the perceived lack of comparability of the data collected.

No more, C2 and RP3 are directly correlated.

I am a rowing coach (not pro) of a university club in Tokyo and am interested in RP3.

Normally we used to train with conventional Concept Ergo but nowadays we are seeking possibility of installing RP3 into our team, Of course we recognize that training efficiency with RP3 is better than that of Ergo, but our concern is that whether it is possible or not to compare the score of those two instruments.So my question is that, using the average Watts of Ergo, could we calculate the equivalent score of RP3

in various types of boat from 1X to 8+?

As we would like to utilize the past record of Ergo, it would be appropriated
that you inform us the calculation formula.

Delighted to help you out with this question.

  • Watts is the same measurement on RP and on C2
  • The RP3Rowing app software, defaults to displaying a readout which we call “Ergo” but in fact is a C2 score.  So you have directly comparable readings for both rowing machines.
  • if you want to compare the on-water times for 1x to 8+ with a RP3 it is very easy.  You can set the boat class on the monitor (and also the weight of the athlete in kgs) and then you will get a RP score that directly compares to the rowing boat.  It assumes flat water, no wind and near-perfect technique with the oars.  BUT the on water times are not directly comparable to C2 unless you have privately saved this data from your own crews.  Of course you could do the same training session on RP3 once on the ergo setting and once on the Boat Type setting and make a “guesstimate” if the athlete is skilful and can reproduce the same physical effort twice.

I hope this helps you make your decision to invest in RP3.

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