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Fitting a Wraptor Balance in 2 minutes

Install the Wraptor Balance in 5 easy steps Step 1 Place flexible sleeve over stern Step 2 Fasten … read more

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Install the Wraptor Balance in 5 easy steps

Step 1 Place flexible sleeve over stern

Step 2 Fasten velcro across stern canvas

Step 3 Add cushioning foam pad

Step 4 Place pontoons and over-arm onto foam pad

Step 5 Slot bolts into place

Step 6 Tighten the wing nuts


With Wraptor Balance novices learn correct technique and avoid bad habits from day one.

It provides a stable platform for the beginner while getting used to the feel of the rowing boat and acquiring skill handling the oars.

Wraptor Balance builds confidence, and the rower who uses Wraptor balance from the start, will move the boat faster, and more efficiently than the non user, and will probably do so even before they have learnt to feather and square the blades.

Technical skills can be learned quickly in a safe environment, avoiding accidents on the water and allowing crews to move up through grades faster.

Which athletes should use a Wraptor Balance?


The Reversible fin gives constant measurable resistance for power strokes.

Using just the flexible sleeve, an additional fin can be added to the hull of a single or pair/double.  It works to resist the water just like using a bungee.

The addition of a water tube which spouts water up while the boat is accelerating gives constant feedback to the sculler on how efficently they are moving.  When the boat speed drops the height of the water spout falls lower.
Using the extra fin gives a sculler 40% more stability for power strokes.


Allows the coach to work with their people in a relaxed safe environment.

Uniquely, Wraptor Balance allows the coach to teach students how to move the boat efficiently from the moment they first get on the water.  When efficient movement has been achieved, the coach can move trainees onto other areas of technique, such as feathering blades.

Instils good habits from the start. Stabilises the boat while coaches work to undo bad habits and allows the athlete to correct their technique without worrying about boat balance.

Easy to attach detach, convert your racing fleet to training boats in seconds – and back again. It takes under 2 minutes to fit Wraptor Balance to a boat.

This ease of attachment and detachment means that it can realistically be used for short parts of a training session – for example to work on a particular area of the rowing stroke cycle in a stable environment before removing the Wraptor Balance kit and continuing the training session.

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Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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