Drones for rowing coaching insight

Drones for rowing coaching insight

This video shows a drone following a single and being controlled from a double hulled pontoon coaches launch.

Evan Snyder writes:

I believe that this is the future of on-the-water coaching, even better than a Go-Pro camera mounted on the rowing shell (which distorts the image in order to achieve a wide angle perspective).

I believe it could even replace the need for multiple mono-hulled coach boats (one should be sufficient per school or rowing program) which are expensive to buy, expensive to maintain and which throw up heaps of wake, even at slow speed.

The description below states  DJI Phantom Quadrocopter filmed with GoPro Hero 2 filmed by Tobi Schad.

AFAIK you need to have a license to fly drones in public spaces nowadays – check your local regulations.  And the only issue I see with Evan’s suggestion is how to instruct the athlete if you’re not beside them on the water.  Remote earpiece coaching over radio?

4 thoughts on “Drones for rowing coaching insight

  1. Red Dog says:

    We do not see the sculler once turn round and look where he is going, does the drone inform if he is going to hit anything? In the UK it’s recommended you look every five strokes

    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Hi Red – I agree. I don’t think the Drone does anything like that. If you want rear view cameras you’re better off with a Hyndsight Vision Camera or a Scullers Mirror that attaches to your cap. Both for sale in the Rowperfect shop.

  2. Best Drones says:

    I created my channel a while ago and I just started up again and I’m looking into investing in a drone with a camera for some cool videos and I need cheap too any help please.

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