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Drew put up two blog posts on Friday. Here is the link to Drew Ginns Blog

The games are about to begin

The day has arrived and soon these games will begin. Say what you like I think this will be an unforgettable event. Last night we had the team function and you cant help but be inspired by the experience of being an Olympian. We heard a few speeches, by John Coates and Kevin Rudd, plus our flag bearer. James Tomkins had the honor bestowed upon him and it is something that he is very deserving of and proud to be representing the team.

What I love was also seeing the video footage of past games and past flag bearers. It reminds you how amazing the history of the games are with the culmination of our countries efforts being seen over so many years. Tonight the opening ceremony will mark the beginning of this event and since we compete tomorrow we wont march, but will enjoy watching it on TV like many back home and around the World.

What does it mean to be an Olympian? To me it is the wonderful satisfaction that comes from knowing you are part of or have been part of an extraordinary experience. To play a part in representing our country is a great honor and one that I certainly am grateful that I have been able to experience. The other element to it is the sense of being part of a great team. Firstly the Australian Olympic team has a fantastic feeling about it and our rowing team has been positive and upbeat about preparations. Then there is our smaller team in particular Chris, Duncan and I. The layers of team make it such a cool thing that we get to go through.

The games will begin and with it all the excitement, anxiousness, nerves, fears and doubts will begin to spring to life. Left, right and center we will all go through the full range of emotions and the time here will feel like we are on the biggest roller coaster in the World. So may the ride live up to expectation and let the good times roll

Whats the bet?

When asked, should I put my house on you? what should I and could I say? It is a funny period when people around us ask for some information, some insight, some indicator of where we are at, what will happen. Who the heck knows anyway. I dont know whats going to happen in the next hour so how can I predict the coming days. No big deal though just thought it interesting* that with every question of, how you going? how you going to go? I find it amusing, comical, but not negative, just part of the process. So back to what would you say…when some one says should I put my house on you?

Personally I am not a betting man, never real been one to gamble. I love taking risks but to gamble or bet on something like this seems a waste. No is the time for complete investment of body, mind and spirit. For with out full energy, focus and presence it would be easy to simply slip off into the abyss. Lost for ever to the great opportunity that is, competing for your country. Would I recommend someone wagering there assets on the outcome being in a favor. Only if I did like them. Would I put my own house on it? I have, plus my life, and the life of my family and all that we are about. Sounds a bit dramatic and so it should, this is the Olympic games. We have not come here to loose anything and we have done everything that we could imaging to prepare. What is there to loose though, really? Nothing. I will be the same person, wont I?

Give or take a few perceptions, plus or minus a few ideas, and really I will be the same, surely? Ok so what does it all mean? I mean I know its big, important and I know what is required, or at least what has been required on a couple of days gone by. Obviously over the years I have grown and developed and certainly past games have mark certain milestones in my life. Sure I know this will be a culmination of all that and every thing that we can bring to this moment, but I still ask how much will I or it change?

I guess here I have intwined and mixed the questions of what will happen from this time forward. The outcomes of not only our event, our sport, and other events and sports will be know soon. The outcome of this whole spectacle may be know soon, but then it may take longer. One thing is for sure a few great thing will occur. Many athletes will live up to expectation and some will shine brightly and lead us all. That is the unchanging nature of the games, that would be a worthwhile bet. Will we see greatness? Yes. With it may also come the ugly side, but we have to understand that it is like night and day. We know one because of the other. This I am more sure of and as I type away here I know that that is clear for me.

On a note of what it is really like here I have to say it is amazing to see the variety of athlete and faces of many who we often watch on TV. I am no different to most and like many athlete we all understand and appreciate the best of the best when the are around. It is humbling and a great thing to see the equality and respect.

As for us well we have our team function tonight with all the Australians where the flag bearer will be announced. I would love for James to be honored with this and as a 42 year old athlete who acts 20 he really does epitomises the Olympic spirit.

Tomorrow night is the open ceremony and then we begin. We wont be going in the ceremony but will enjoy watching it on TV. Saturday we start racing and as such the first roll of the dice will be made. Not that I am betting, but it is a game so guess you have to have your turn. So come Saturday we will be lining up and ready to see whats possible.


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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Eben


    I’m doing a project on the Olympics for Year 7 and have chosen you. I have to write a biography of two pages max. Is there a good website you can point me at or provide some details.

    Many thanks

    Eben, aged 12

  2. rebecca


    I think you want to contact Drew Ginn directly.
    His blog page is here http://drewginn.blogspot.com/
    And this page links to the Rowing Australia website where there is biography information about Drew.

    I suggest that you contact his school, his rowing club, his coach and ask them about him so you can write your two pages about him. You can also search youTube for videos of his races and write about them.

    You can also try the FISA website (the international rowing organisation) who have athlete information.

    I am afraid that his blog doesn’t allow comments and so you can’t contact Drew direct from there.

    Good luck in your project
    Rebecca Caroe, Rowperfect

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