Day 2 Rowing live blog

Up not so early to watch the rowing heats onn Day 2 of the Olympic Regatta in Beijing.

BBC Webstream link

The Draw and Results

Light tail wind and less hot than yesterday but 80% humidity.

Womens Lightweight 2x.
Progression: First and Second to Semi Final and rest to Repecharge.  Heat 1 a nice confident win for the Netherlands by a length with Australia second in a dog fight over USA by 0.1 seconds.  Jen Goldsack in the USA  crew used to row for GB.  Heat 2 Canada lead for first 1500 and Germany do a great sprint through to win, Canada second and GB (Hester Goodsell and Helen Casey) third and so through to the repecharge.  Heat 3  Chinese lead out of the blocks but Denmark chase hard to come in second.

Mens Lightweight 2x.  Progression: First and Second to Semi Final and rest to Repecharge. Heat 1 Great Britain leading out ahead of Greece.  Fast race 6.13 (World record 6.10). Heat 2 Australia the early leaders but Italy take two lengths through the middle part of the race and in the sprint for the line the Australians miss out to China, second.  6.16.  Heat 3 includes the Danes, Rasmussen and Hansen, who I fancy to win this event.  Canada lead out but Denmark have a lethal push to take them by half a length at 1500.  Fantastic rhythm.  6.14.  Heat 4.  New Zealand lead off the start and all the way to win by 2 lengths.

Mens Lightweight 4-.  Progression: First three crews to Semi Final and rest to Repecharge.  Heat 1. What a line-up Australia, GB, Netherlands, China, Egypt.  Richard Chambers in the bow seat.  Chinese lead out rating high.  Great Britain chase them to a length down but by 1500 Chinese lead is just under a length. Australians push back to overlap on the British in last 200.  Chinese win by half a length from GB and Australia third.  5.51 Heat 2.  Denmark show their quality by quietly taking the lead and inching out to clear water over Canada and Italy. Denmark win by 3/4 length over Canada with Italy third. 5.50.  Heat 3.  Jochen Kuehner in 3 seat of the German boat.  France lead off the start but by 500m the German crew have pushed to a quarter length lead.   Nearly a length at 1500 and a time faster than China in heat 1.   Germany win, Poland slip past France to second place with the Irish fourth.  5.50

Womens 4xProgression: First to final and rest to Repecharge.  Heat 1. Chinese dominate the race (crowds going wild!)  Three lengths of clear water over Ukraine. 6.11 [one second slower than the world record!].  Hard to believe this is a heat.  Heat 2.  Germany, Britain, Australia, USA.  Great Britain lead by 500 with Germany close behind.  Halfway time 2 seconds slower than China.  1500 3/4 length still 2 seconds slower than China.  Great Britain win by 2/3 length 6.13.  Seems most of the gain was in the second 500.

Mens 4x.  Progression: First three crews to Semi Final and rest to Repecharge. Heat 1 Russians lead out but by half way the Italians take over the lead.  Pushing for the line a little early and Australia sneaks through by a foot to win.  5.36 Heat 2 Poland and France the early leaders.  Poles have over a length by half way.  Poland win by 1 length.  France and Belarus second and third. 5.38 Heat 3 At half way Germany have a slight lead over Ukraine second and USA third.  Ukraine take the lead by 1500 about 2 seconds slower than the Poles in the previous heat. Ukraine win, Germany second and USA third. 5.40

Womens 8.  Progression: First to final and rest to Repecharge.

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