Cut price oars and sculls

We have a one month promotion on Dreher oars and sculls.

Check out our web shop for prices – 5% off all oars and sculls for March 2011 for online purchases.

Sweep oars Dreher £330 £313.50 Concept 2 £330 – Croker £388

Adjustable sculls Dreher £475  £451.25 Concept 2 – £485 Croker £518

Club sculls Dreher £440 £418.00

Fixed Length sculls Dreher £390 £370.50

Prices include VAT.

Note: Comparison prices for Concept 2 and Croker taken from web sources.  They may change.
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2 thoughts on “Cut price oars and sculls

  1. David Newman says:

    I wish to purchase a pair of sculling blades suitable for a junior girl rower aged 16. I prefer either Concept or Croker but look for your recommendation

    • Tom Wall says:

      Dear Mr Newman, which sculling blades to buy is a difficult question to answer, all the major brands Concept 2, Braca, Croker, Dreher will all be of good quality. Within a simple brand such as Concept 2 there are many variations in; shaft, spoon shape and size preferences the variations are mind boggling and impossible to give a valid suggestion without an in-depth review of all aspects of your daughters sculling experience and preferences. The advice I can give is talk to her coaches and approach this from a coaches point of view. It helps if the blades are a consistent design in the boats – so if the club has made a policy to use Dreher blades (like my club) then it makes sense to follow this as the characteristics will be consistent. In my opinion you would need a very good reason to choose a different brand and model to the ones being used every week in her club. You can then make personal fine tuning with handle material and size etc. Please also be aware that in some regatta events the umpires will take a dim view of blades not in the colours of the club so you will probably need to get them painted accordingly. I hope this helps.

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