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Rowperfect and Rowperfect 3 company statement

A statement put out by the Dutch Rowperfect manufacturer In September 2010, the inventor of the original Rowperfect … read more

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A statement put out by the Dutch Rowperfect manufacturer

In September 2010, the inventor of the original Rowperfect Rowing Simulator as well as the founder of CARE Rowperfect, Cas Rekers, passed away during a rowing session with his friends on the water.

Cas had been working on a successor of the, now called, “Rowperfect Classic” for some time, named Rowperfect3. For this new RP3, also a new PC interface was developed, the RP3 USB interface. And for this interface, new software was designed, RP3W : Rowperfect3 for Windows.

It is quite comparable to Rpw, not just by its name, though morelikely to be enhanced in the future, whereas Rpw has reached a “maintenance state” by now.

The RP3 USB interface can be retrofitted on the Rowperfect Classic; the original Rowperfect PC Interface cannot be mounted on an RP3.

In January 2011, a press announcement was made stating the Rowperfect3 company will continue with new management. Row-Ware (who writes the software) has promissed to support this new management and takes an active part in the “Team RP3”.

Meanwhile, support on the Rowperfect Classic is still available through Rowperfect agents worldwide. The RPW software will continue to be updated at least once a year.

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