Crossing the Line Sport Webinars October 2018

Athlete retirement and wellbeing,

An athlete/player’s intense training and competing schedule leaves little time for education and personal development. Crossing the Line (experts in supporting athletes) have responded to this need by developing a unique series of webinars that are available live and on-demand to cater to their various schedules and time zones.

The team hosts two webinars per month with the archive recordings available for on-demand download.  Each month has a different theme related to performance, wellbeing, mental health, dual careers and skills for life.

Athlete retirement and wellbeing,
September and October seminars from CTL Sport

September focus on communication skills

A full list of all the webinars: Priced at a very affordable $30 per event – we strongly recommend all these topics.

  1. Interpersonal communication skills is in early September
  2. Managing selection is in late September
  3. Mental Health awareness – identify, respond and refer part 1 is in October

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