The Definitive guide to rowing seat racing

Rowing Seat Racing

Seat Racing for crew selection takes many forms and has a bad reputation as being open to abuse by coaches and unscrupulous athletes.  Learn how to run seat racing for your squad by reading Duncan Holland’s Guide to Rowing Seat Racing – including the famous “spider

Rowing Seat Racing
Rowing Seat Racing


Rowperfect has created a round-up of 6 articles about the topic covering technical explanations, how to perform well and ways the process can be abused.

Don’t get shafted – be wise.

  1. FISA coaching manual chapter on Crew Selection by Kris Korzeniowski.  He details exactly how to run the racing format and explains sample results.  The chapter also covers applied ergometer testing.
  2. How to win a seat race from the Launch Exhaust blog.  A nice summary for coaches on what to look for, the author is particularly focused on mental preparation and the “Race Rules Apply” rule.
  3. Ted Nash’s summary Rules of Engagement for Seat Racing from the American Rower’s Almanac 2001.  This has a good checklist for coxswains and coaches on how to prepare the racing format and the boats.  He recommends an impartial observer as part of the racing!
  4. Mount Baker Junior Crew quick explanation for athletes on Rowing 101: Seat Racing
  5. A cautionary tale from an athlete Rowing Seat Racing – why rowers need to be vigilant which explains how to look out for yourself as an athlete, how to complain if you think the result is unfair, and mental tricks to get the best result.
  6. Stop Seat Racing – the future of crew selection is an appeal from Virginia University coach Frank Biller to change methods to suit what he used to do in Europe.  He suggests an alternative way of selecting an 8.
  7. Coxing seat races fairly – a great advice article from the believers in the stern blog
  8. Should you seat race coxswains?  Marcus McElhenney says not and explains why.
  9. Rowing Biomechanics Newsletter on seat racing by Valery Kleshnev – which points out how psychological factors can affect seat racing outcomes. [sorry link was withdrawn]
  10. Duncan Holland’s Guide to Rowing Seat Racing including the famous ‘spider diagram’ of cross checking results of indirect and direct races to verify your results.

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