Coxmate GPS tutorials

GPS Analysis Software tutorial – for analysis. Helpful links here:

  • Getting started with Coxmate GPS:

  • GPS Navigation Assist: For when you want to map a course (perfect for head races)

Note: The login is granted when you register a new device.  To do that go here and input your Coxmate GPS serial number (it’s on the back).  That will walk you through creating a login.

Note that you need to nominate if you are a rower or a coxswain (each faces a different direction so the navigation advisor will adjust the left / right signals accordingly!).  Smart eh?

  • GPS Pace Boat Function:

  • How to use the PC Analysis software for Coxmate SX and Coxmate GPS:

  • Set up timezone and add a heart rate chest strap

  • GPS recall function to review a piece after you complete it


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