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Coxmate GPS preferred mounting angle

What is a preferred angle for mounting the Coxmate GPS GPS in the Boat I’m about 6ft 5in tall … read more

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What is a preferred angle for mounting the Coxmate GPS

GPS in the Boat
GPS in the Boat

I’m about 6ft 5in tall and sculls in the bows of a double with forward mounted Wing Riggers! This limits the mounting options to the point that the Coxmate GPS is almost horizontal!

This give very fluctuating Rate readings typically between 10 to 40 over 2-3 strokes when sculling at a constant rate in the mid 30s.

It sounds like you need to adjust sensitivity down e.g. go to “low” or “very low” to adjust the rating.  Go into the settings to do this.

The vertical angle should not matter.

However, if you cannot see the unit, may i suggest you mount it on the stern canvas using the suction cup mount and tie the lanyard around the wing rigger.  Alternatively like in our photo, you can mount it on an NK wiring loom – just add the slide-on mounting block to the back of the unit and this fits snugly into the NK fitment.  Note that the mounting block should click into place and to remove it you have to depress the lever which sticks out the bottom of the block so it slides off the Coxmate GPS.

However, it could be a problem if the horizontal angle is too far from being perpendicular to direction of travel.

The Coxmate GPS is discounted in our shop right now.  And don’t forget you get one year of free use of the Analysis software – it’s online access based on the serial number of your unit – found on the back.

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