Coxmate GPS “better” than NK Speedcoach


Customer feedback: I hope you don’t mind me emailing you but I thought that you might appreciate
some feedback on the Coxmate GPS after a couple of months use.

Firstly, this is a great piece of kit, especially for the price. The display is clear, sharp and the information presented logically. I have yet to try using the unit for walking or any of the other things it was built to do, so I can’t comment on that.

Previously I had been using a mobile phone app with the phone in a waterproof case, attached to the boat using a car phone holder. This was less than ideal as glare on the case made it difficult to read and vibration in the phone holder affected the stroke rate measurement. As I’ve said the display is clear and the accuracy seems to be pretty good. I haven’t felt the need to apply any ‘smoothing’ to the unit. Also I am not sure what I would do with Check and Bounce rate if it were being measured.

The design of the two mounts supplied with the Coxmate GPS are clever and simple. However, they are way too weak. The screw which fits into the mounting plate is made of plastic and snapped after a few uses. Unfortunately as this is a common part for both of the mounts I can use neither. The mounting for the stretcher slide is a brilliant idea however the T piece is too thick to fit in any of the stretcher slides we have in the club. Luckily I have been lent a camera mounting which shares the same thread size. It is also metal so no worries about it breaking. I must admit that I am not 100% convinced by the strength of the tether either. The mounting point came away on mine but I have stuck it back with really strong double sided tape. My main concern is that the thread used to attached the mount to the lanyard is very slender and seems to be badly glued into the lanyard clip.[Both the mounting devices have been re-moulded and re-designed following this feedback]

The instructions (yes I’ve read them!) indicate that the door shielding the data connection might be a problem. It does tell you to check that it is firmly closed. Yes, it is very easy to catch and seems to pop open with the slightest touch. Being fair though they do warn you. [We think you haven’t actually closed it properly – it takes a firm push.]

I’ve noticed that it takes a very long time to charge but again this is not a deal breaker. The unit manages a two hour outing without completely draining, so that is OK too. The battery indicator drops rapidly from a full line of bars to one but then stays there for some time, so I’m not sure that it gives an accurate representation of battery life.[The recent firmware update has addressed this – new units are upgraded]

I was a bit perplexed when I first completed a 15 km row as the distance tops out at 9999 ms and then starts from 0. Again, once I realised what was happening this was fine.

I realise that I may have dwelt on the less positive aspects of this unit but I’d rather give you a warts and all picture of day to day usage.

Overall the Coxmate GPS is a great piece of kit at the price and I am using it in preference to my daughter’s NK Speedcoach. Despite these niggles I am still recommending it to other rowers. It would only take a few pence worth of more durable materials to make this a fantastic piece of kit. I’d appreciate it if you could pass this on to the manufacturer for future product development. [Done and we appreciate your feedback.]

The reply from Coxmate HQ

We have had a couple of reports on failures with the mount. I tested a few with a pair of pliers and could not break the samples I tested. However I broke one in my single with very little force! They are made from glass reinforced nylon, so they should be OK, but clearly some weren’t. We are now getting them remade with a slightly shorter thread, a radius on corner at end of threaded section and upgraded plastic.

I’ll have a closer look at lanyard mount – it is attached with a good quality 3M double sided tape so should be OK.

I’m not sure why your units’ hatch cover opens easily? I can’t open them without a reasonable force on latch. Just check it clicks fully ‘home’.

I will be interested to see how you go with the PC software – I look forward to your feedback.


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