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Rowing Stronger book weight training for rowers by Will Ruth ‘Rowing Stronger’ eBook – Weight Training for Rowers

It’s no surprise that a stronger rower can very easily become a faster rower. If you are struggling to improve and aren’t quite sure what to do, Rowing Stronger, the book written by accomplished strength coach Will Ruth, will certainly set you on the right track.

But don’t take our word for it!

See what other readers and athletes thought of Rowing Stronger:

“Will’s program filled the weight training gap that we had always downplayed and treated as an
afterthought. Now that I have seen the results over the last two years, it’s a shame we weren’t
working with him earlier! Biggest improvements have been in our beginning and ending sprints,
as well as power moves over a 2k race. Guys have a deeper well of power to draw from and it
hasn’t come at the cost of aerobic capacity.”
Jack Marolich, Western Washington University Men’s head coach (USA)

“This is fantastic. This is the best lifting-for-rowing program handbook that I have ever seen,
and is so incredibly helpful. I would definitely be able to write a program for myself, or my team,
using this guide. I always wished something like this existed. I’m so glad it finally does!”

Haley Yeager, University of Washington rower (2012), Atlanta Junior Rowing Association
coach (USA)

“Really well laid out, the level of detail is extremely high but can also be understood by anyone
with any range of knowledge on the subject. The arguments made are well-thought out and
researched and provide solid alternatives to the traditional programme or at least a chance to
alter some areas of training. All in all it was a very good and easy and informative read which I
personally will use when in the gym.”

Harry Richardson, Tideway Scullers School Junior Rower (UK)

“Having worked on putting together a rowing specific programme for rowers, it has been difficult
tracking down rowing specific exercises and even harder to get information for the masters
weight training. This is a great resource for any trainer or rower to have.”

Jacqui Jones, REPS Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor, Marlow Rowing Club (UK)

“Rowing Stronger” is packed with information relevant to rowing coaches and athletes. It clearly
explains the nuts and bolts of how to effectively utilize block periodization to build a training
program for rowing. Ruth draws parallels between the approach of many rowers to explain core
strength training concepts. As a coach, it’s impossible to ignore the implications for increased
mobility and reduction in injury.”

Colin Heneghan, Dartmouth College rower (2012), Los Gatos Rowing Club coach (USA)

Supercharge your rowing performance – Get yourself a copy of ‘Rowing Stronger’


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    This sounds like a very useful book for those who wish to improve their rowing technique, which I think is very important for those who wish to get better and go faster when they are in the boat. Thanks for writing about this book!

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