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Coxmate Feedback

This is the text of an email exchange between Peter Hodson (the Coxmate manufacturer) and John Poland, a … read more

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This is the text of an email exchange between Peter Hodson (the Coxmate manufacturer) and John Poland, a customer in the UK.

FOR PETER HODSON Greetings from the UK and Cornwalls Falmouth Rowing Club.I have just bought a first SRT for our club from Rebecca Caroe (a good agent for you). The SRT is quite excellent. One has only to open the box to see that at last here is a sound MARINE INSTRUMENT ata sensible price. WELL DONE! I have a worry though. If the speakers are mounted , as they are, in the obvious against-the-vertical-bulkead location then water will collect and be held by the speakers and Iworry about corrosion of the metal diaphram. I am thinking of applying a hot nail or small drill to provide a drain in each speaker.WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE PLEASE? Regards,John PolandAnd the reply…… John,Thank you for your compliments! Can I quote you in our next email newsletter?The speakers have a mylar diaphragm, so wont corrode. Mounting them vertically is OK, as it will let water drain should they become flooded.Happy Christmas from down under.Peter

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