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Coxmate AA+ questions and answers

We got this question from a customer Coxmate AA Plus – low cost amplifier with rate and timing. … read more

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We got this question from a customer

Coxmate AA Plus – low cost amplifier with rate and timing.

Hi, I’m interested in the new Coxmate AA+, are batteries included and does the charger use 5 pin NK type socket, if so what happens if NK charger is used by mistake? Also have you got any contacts for battery replacement / repairs to old type NK coxbox?  Thanks

Thanks for your questions – here are the answers

  1. Yes battery is included in the Coxmate AA+ kit
  2. No the charger is a 2.1mm ‘DC Power’ socket. The 3.5mm jacks are for mic and radio inputs so you can’t mistake the charger for an NK one
  3. We don’t actually know anyone who repairs Cox boxes in the UK – sorry.  But if a reader does, please let us know and we’ll update this post with the info.

Read more about the amazing value Coxmate AA+ amplifier for coxswains.

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