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Coxmate AA Plus – the lowest cost amplifier

Take a look at the new rate, time and sound all for only £300.00 including VAT We have … read more

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Take a look at the new rate, time and sound all for only £300.00 including VAT We have kept the price the same as the old audio-only model and improved the functions – so for the same price you now get rate, timing for your work pieces and top quality sound amplification with an 8 hour battery life.

Thanks to the guys at Coxmate for their great product set including the SX with GPS, 4 speaker looms for 8+ and car charger for regatta top up charging.

Coxmate AA Plus – low cost amplifier with rate and timing.

Every club tells us that coxes murder electronic equipment and so having robust gear, that floats and is waterproof is important. The battery is replaceable the microphone inserts with a jack-plug and is also replaceable, plus all Coxmate products come with a 1 year parts warranty (excluding user breakages).  The Coxmate AA+ is supplied with a foam mount to fit into *NK circular ‘flowerpot’ holders and is compatible with all *NK wiring looms.

Those amazing fellows at Coxmate have done it again – as the cost of electronic components lowers, they pass on the cost savings to you.

Rowperfect sponsored clubs can buy Coxmate AA for £285.

Compare coxswain amplifier prices 2015

Coxmate AA+ £300; *NK CoxBox £619 ; *NK Coxbox mini £385 [NK prices supplied by OarSport]

Coxmate Warranty

All Coxmate products come with a minimum one year (for some items a longer period is specified) warranty from date of shipment. Warranty covers both workmanship and parts, and is conditional on product only being used for intended purpose. Damage caused by failure to follow recommended maintenance, or mistreatment be it accidental or deliberate is not covered. Goods must be returned to Coxmate or its agent. Warranty is strictly limited to repair or replacement of goods.

Coxmate Returns

All Coxmate products come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product within this period, please notify us and then return the product for a full refund. Goods much be returned ‘as new’ condition in original packaging.

CoxBox and NK are registered trademarks of Nielsen Kellerman.

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