Coronavirus and Rowing: How our sport is affected


Coronavirus and Rowing: How the corona virus affects us rowers

Almost daily we receive new information about the corona virus and how our sport is effected by COVID-19

“The worldwide outbreak of coronavirus

had led to the death of more than 8.000 people and in a bid to contain its spread, sporting events around the world are being moved or cancelled.”  Read here some of the latest information:

FISA: Coronavirus and Rowing: How our sport is effected

“FISA comments, …with the outbreak of COVID-19 (Novel Corona virus), the quickly growing number of cases now reported worldwide, the government actions to attempt to contain the transmission of the virus make it very difficult and unadvisable to stage international competitions during the months of March, April and through to May 2020”

  • Americas Olympic and Paralympic Qualification Regatta in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • cancelled
  • Final Olympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne, Switzerland
    •  cancelled and will not be postponed or relocated.
  • The Continental Olympic qualification regattas:
    • are cancelled and will not be postponed or relocated.
  • World Rowing Cups Italy and Switzerland:
    • cancelled and will not be postponed or relocated.

World and European Rowing Events for the rest of 2020

COVID-19 virus affects rowers, Credit:

Coronavirus and Rowing: FISA is in continuous contact with the Organising Committees staging events later in May, June and through to October 2020 to understand the challenges being faced. FISA is working on a daily basis to make well founded decisions and communicate them on a weekly basis.

There are also questions about events taking place later this year, including the 2020 Olympics.

Coronavirus and Rowing: How about Olympic rowing?

The Virus disrupts many teams. Many athletes fear, that their preparation for the Olympic Games are not optima. National regattas are cancelled, after the corona virus outbreak forced World Rowing to cancel May’s World Cup in Italy.

For the Olympics, no decision has been taken so far.

In theory, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has the power to cancel the Games or to relocate them away from Tokyo. But at this point the IOC does not appear to be considering either option. After an executive board meeting last Wednesday its president, Thomas Bach, said: “Neither the word cancellation nor postponement was mentioned.”, Next to cancellation or relocation, postponing or games behind closed doors are options.

Let’s see what is next.


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