How to compare erg scores by athlete weight


A newsletter from Valery Kleshnev and the BioRow team on how to compare erg scores by athlete weight.


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  1. Lewin

    It would be nice to have a suggested standard mass (“M”) I think. If I just choose 75kg will this be valid for a squad of varying weight?


  2. David Harralson

    The general formula is K x(( M/C) ** (2/9)).

    Different people have used 70 KG, 77.5 KG, 100 KG, and other weight for C. However, the ratio M/C raised to the 2/9 power is the basic correction factor. Whatever value of C you pick determines a different value for K.

    I have a spreadsheet that corrects for both age and weight for times rowed on the erg (the weight adjustment is not needed for times on the water). Interestingly, a recent club erg test had the oldest rower(who is a lightweight) with the fastest handicap time.

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