The Physics of Rowing faster

Thanks to Charles Carroll on RSR for spotting this new video from the Physics of Life series about the physics of rowing.

Dr Scott Turner makes some good points:

  1. Thrust is intermittent and during a competitive race the loss of speed [on the recovery] can spell the difference between winning and losing (2:18)
  2. The boat forward speed is maintained or even increased during the return stroke [recovery] by the movement of the athlete’s body (5:35)
  3. The combined momentum of an 8 person crew only works to increase the speed of the hull if the movements of the team are strongly synchronised (7:35)
  4. This synchronisation is the job of the coxswain.  Although she is effectively parasite weight and contributes no power, ensuring the rowers remain co-ordinated pays for itself ensuring the best momentum recovery during the return stroke. (7:50)

If you are concerned with any or all of these ways to improve your boat speed you may want to consider the following products to assist you with the four points above.

  1. Coxmate SX to see average speed over each stroke cycle
  2. Coxmate SX impeller with analysis software to see speed changes during the recovery and Rowperfects linked together to co-ordinate body movements in the recovery
  3. Rowperfects linked together to co-ordinate body movements
  4. Coxswain audio guide to hear what top coxes say to their crews during races

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