Cambridge University wins The Great Race in NZ


CUBC had a successful visit to New Zealand to compete in The Gallagher Great Race against the University of Waikato mens crew.  The race was inaugurated in memory of Harry Mahon and comprises a match race upstream on the Waikato River through Hamilton.  Its tricky current, four bridges and a complex toss / crossing over rule makes for brilliant racing.

The event lasts over a week because it starts with The Great Race Ball – a costumed affair with fantastic masks and fancy dress outfit; an Ergo Challenge and Sponsors Dinner happens mid-week with a 750m crew ergo raced in fours on C2 sliders (Cambridge won that too) and lastly the big event on Sunday afternoon.

CUBC President Henry Pelly was particularly pleased with the result because it is only the second time the event has ever been won by the visitors.

The Great Race video
of the race including the Prize Giving and national anthems [taken seriously, all international events have a sung anthem!].  The Womens, Schoolboys Schoolgirls Races are on the same page.

CUBC Alumni living in New Zealand gathered to watch and Scott Brownlee was on the Commentary team for the local TV and radio stations.

Rob Bristow, an expatriate Brit took some great photos and has kindly allowed us to reproduce some here.  Many thanks, Rob. Hover your mouse over each for a title/explanation.

750m Ergo Race  The Challenge  going afloat  The Waka leads the race off  Final Strokes  Hodges celebrates  Wet Cox  Old Blues Reunion Champagne and medals  Henry Pelly Trophy Happy Coaches Craies and Wills


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