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We’ve got the OK and they’re all in the Rowperfect shop in a new section called Rowing Gloves and Blister Prevention!

You choose the pairings you want so that you have a right and left hand with either smooth or textured palm based on whether you scull (2 textured) or sweep (inside hand textured; outside hand smooth) or do both (buy 4 gloves for all situations).

Rowing glove Stroke Side Rowing glove Stroke Side


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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Lachlan Van de Ven

    Petrea Streg

  2. Angela Backhouse-Humby

    Gloves??? What happened to the real rowers?!

  3. Corinne Nosneh

    Jo Lusha these are what you were after 🙂

  4. Daithí Cormack

    Katie Cormack Patrice Cormack

  5. Patrice Cormack

    Is this for when I start getting blisters Daithí Cormack? I think I’m gonna rely on my hard Laois skin to get me by????????

  6. Marcy Dorna

    This I like! Rowers hands are like dancers feet–not pretty..

  7. Christopher Jon Gombos

    Let’s hear some reviews

  8. Caroline Bell-Syer

    Do they have W.I.M.P. printed on the back of each finger?

  9. Zara Jeffreys

    Do they do them in pink ? 😉

  10. Skiffer

    It’s a good salesman that can sell a person 4 gloves…… Shoes, special deals on 3 pack

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