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UK flood river levels app

We got a message from the clever folks at Shoothill who have created a river gauge level map … read more

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We got a message from the clever folks at Shoothill who have created a river gauge level map for the UK.  All Environment Agency river level gauges

River Gauge Map UK River Gauge Map UK[/caption]

have been mapped.

The website works by showing coloured blobs for each gauge.  You can zoom in to your local area and see the detail – as we’ve done for Nottingham below.

Nottingham River levels Nottingham River levels

A cute feature is the ability to search for a particular river – we tried “Trent” and it shows the gauges only on that river with the ability to click on any one and see a graph of recent river levels and a comparison to the norm.

Any map view can be saved so you can easily and quickly get back to your area of interest too.

Thanks to the Shoothill team who created this.

GaugeMap – Website

GaugeMap – Twitter

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