Bumps are fun!

Duncan Holland writes:

Cambridge Town Bumps
have started, last night was round one.  There were the usual high profile (relatively) happenings, (Rob Roy lost the Women’s Headship to 99’s ) and there was the usual wealth of excitement.

Those of you who have read my pieces before will know that I am a fan of Bumps.  How else can you get 94 eights onto a tiny stream for meaningful competition in the space of a few hours?  And for that matter what other town has this many people rowing from such a small population?
My crew bumped up, most of the improvement we have made over the last 2 months stuck, and we caught the St. Radegund crew ahead of us.

I was fascinated listening to us afterwards; the general mood was ‘Could do better’. The thinking, the mix of pleasure at the outcome, the overlay of ‘How to do it better’ was just like a high-performance crew. And therein lies one of the joys of social sport. We know we are slow but get a great buzz out of trying to be better.  

High-performance sport is worthwhile, don’t get me wrong, but what we do is worthwhile too, and costs the taxpayer a lot less!


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