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The Bumps: Just Like the Real Thing

I wrote yesterday about how I was struck by the similarity between the post-race analyses of our Bumps crew and that of a high-performance outfit. Last night I realised that there is a further analogy that is of interest, to me anyway!

Nature or Nurture?

The SI Masters Rowing Regatta was raced yesterday on excellent flat water at Lake Ruataniwha, Twizel, NZ.  330 athletes braved the chill conditions and there was much good racing. Not surprisingly, many of the winners bore familiar names. Dale Maher won a 1x race, Kevin Horan another. Marie McCoy was a key member in the […]

Praise is OK!

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I have just finished an enjoyable weekend coaching the Tyred Swans, an Auckland Masters rowing group.  Like most Masters they are short on coaching and are always keen to learn and get feedback – thanks guys it makes coaching you a pleasure. It occurred to me that groups like this are often inhibited by the […]

Rowing Technique: Sweep inside arm

Analysis of two womens pair crews technique by Duncan Holland.  Photo credits Rowing Celebration Obvious point is that the stroke girls have very different shoulder positions. Lower crew image the stroke has her shoulders tilted away from the rigger, inside high, outside low. Top crew the stroke has her shoulders slightly tilted towards the rigger, inside low, […]

Failing to Plan Rowing is Planning to Fail, Part 2

Use your time efficiently As promised in my last blog post, when I wrote about the importance with planning each session, here is an example of how I plan sessions. The key points for me are the following: What are we trying to achieve, physiologically and technically? What are the limitations? Time, water, tiredness etc. Focus […]

How should coaches respond to bad behaviour among rowers?

This season New Zealand has had three publicised bouts of misbehaviour from its members. Two high profile coaches were barred from the National Championships after abusing an umpire. Later at the same regatta a group of young rowers caused mayhem at the pub and some of them wrecked a house. And now we have the […]

New Year Rowing Camps

Today is the start oft he Belvoir RC New Year Camp. I am here at the lovely rowing venue of Sarnen, in Obwalden, Switzerland. My 15 athletes and I are here till the 4th of January. Looking back, such a camp is a ritual I have followed in some form or another since I was […]