Bulkhead mounts for rowing boat speakers


Coxmate are cunning fellows – their latest innovation is to design a mounting method so you can embed a speaker directly into the boat’s bulkhead footwell.  This saves space and also ensures the speaker is always optimally angled for sound output.

Coxmate Bulkhead Mount Coxmate Bulkhead Speaker Mount

No more flimsy brackets that swivel and point your speaker down to the bottom of the boat!

Coxmate 6 Watt Speakers

The 6 Watt output speakers are loud, clear, made for marine environments and don’t fail when used with NK equipment.  They’re fully compatible with NK and CoxOrb products.  In fact we have NK to thank for creating an industry standard for rowing amplifier connectors – now everyone uses the same connectors it’s easy to swap.

Rowperfect sells speaker looms for 4s and 8s.  They have 2 or 4 speakers so you can get even sound distribution down the boat.  Easy to fit and use the coxmate Sealing Glands to run the wires down the boat.  These are a retainer and rubber bung design – you cut the hole in the bung to suit the cable diameter.  Then if you have a speaker failure, it’s easy to unplug the bung and remove / replace the speaker in question without having to get out your epoxy and cut holes

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Did you know we sell

cable split gland for rowing boats by Coxmate cable split gland for rowing boats by Coxmate

Coxmate speaker in the boat Coxmate speaker in the boat

Coxmate Bulkhead retainer Coxmate Bulkhead retainer


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