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Why do body mobility stretches for rowing?

Half kneeling chops were the video demonstration we published from Greg Spooner last month. But we wanted to … read more

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Half kneeling chops were the video demonstration we published from Greg Spooner last month.

But we wanted to know more about what the benefits are for rowers and coaches?

Greg writes….

“Half-Kneeling Chops are an extremely effective movement to utilize for either your pre-row warmup or post-row cool-down.

This mobility-maker is a key way to bulletproof your body for rowing, and against the typical aches and pains that are caused by rowing, whether it’s the cramped flexed posture or the repetitive strain of a singular movement pattern. Use these chops in conjunction with your usual warmup, and get 10-15 good chops in on each side (maximum 2 sets), emphasizing a swift Upward motion.

This is guaranteed to enhance both your performance and injury resilience with trunk twisting motions, will stabilize and improve hip mobility, and create key integrations between hips, trunk and shoulders.”

Articles about flexibility and stretching which you may find useful

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