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What boats suit recreational rowing?

“I would like to hear your opinion of alternatives to racing shells for recreational slide seat rowing. I’m … read more

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“I would like to hear your opinion of alternatives to racing shells for recreational slide seat rowing. I’m mainly thinking of wherry’s such as those from Clc or Angus rowing but would be curious of other alternative to follow the sport in a recreational way.”

I have little personal experience with recreational sliding seat rowing boats but I have been rather impressed with the ones which you can strap onto the top of a surf board or stand up paddle board.”

When you start researching there are dozens of different rowing boat designs for sliding and fixed seat recreational rowing.

The choice is mainly whether you need to take the boat on your car or if you want to leave it beside a body of water in a boat house.  And so size and portability are considerations.

Secondly, if you want to use a sliding or fixed seat design and whether lightness (carbon or fibreglass) or traditional (wood) design suits you better.

British Rowing has a helpful list of different boat types on this page – scroll down and check out their most detailed list of the different traditional boats (Cornish gigs, Seine Boats) and also coastal rowing specifications.  Most seem to be for multiple people rather than a single athlete.

We did a review of one surf boat rower design here.  But I confess to little personal knowledge.

Recreational row boat suppliers

This is not an exhaustive list – but Wikipedia may help you out with this list of rowing boat manufacturers.

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2 thoughts on “What boats suit recreational rowing?

  1. I row at a recreational club in Surrey, England. We have a variety of touring boats, quads, doubles and singles. I suggest you look at our website, for more information. We row throughput the year and have sessions everyday in the summer and on five days a week in the winter. We also have learn to row courses to teach adults to row. We also take part in rowing tours in England and on the continent as well as day rows along the River Thames and Wey Navigation.

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